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US Army Campaign Streamers select a campaign streamer below to view each authorized campaign streamer. Links on the left list Army Units and their authorized campaign credits.
Currently only Verified Campaign Credits are listed.

Streamer photos below identify the current authorized campaigns.

Additional units and campaign streamers will be added as verification is made.

army adjutant general unit honors
army air defense unit honors
army armies and corps unit honors
army armored and cavlary unit honors
army army bands unit honors
army avitation unit honors
army chemical unit honors
army civil affairs unit honors
army divisions and brigades unit honors
army engineers unit honors
army field artillery unit honors
army finance unit honors
army infantry unit honors
army medical unit honors
army military intelligence unit honors
army military police unit honors
army non branch military unit honors
army ordnance and maintenance military unit honors
other army military unit honors
army psychological operations military unit honors
army quartermaster military unit honors
army signal military unit honors
army special forces military unit honors
army support and sustainment military unit honors
army transportationmilitary unot honors

Revolutionary War Army Campaign Streamer
Revolutionary War Campaign Streamer

Army Military Medals and Military Rank Builder
Army Military Medal & Military Ribbon Rack Builder
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50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener
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Metal Military Signs
law enforcement ems
Law Enforcement/Fire/EMS

War of 1812 Army  Campaign Streamer
War of 1812 Campaign Streamer

Mexican War Army Campaign Streamer
Mexican War Campaign Streamer

civil war army campaign streamer
Civil War Campaign Streamer

indian wars army campaign streamer
Indian Wars Campaign Streamer

war with spain army campaign streamer
War With Spain Campaign Streamer

china relief expeditionary army campaign streamer
China Relief Expedition Campaign Streamer

philippine campaign army campaign streamer
Philippine Insurrection Campaign Streamer

mexican service army campaign streamer
Mexican Service Campaign Streamer

world war 1 army campaign streamer
World War I Campaign Streamer

american campaign army campaign streamer
American Theater Campaign Streamer

asiatic pacific campaign army campaign streamer
Asiatic-Pacific Theater Campaign Streamer

european african middle eastern campaign army campaign streamer
European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Campaign Streamer

korean war army campaign streamer
Korean War Campaign Streamer

Vietnam Campaign Streamer

armed forces expeditionary army campaign streamer
Armed Force Expeditionary Campaign Streamer

southwest asia service army campaign streamer
Southwest Asia Campaign Streamer

kosovo campaign army campaign streamer
Kosovo Campaign Streamer

afghanistan campaign army campaign streamer
Afghanistan Campaign Campaign Streamer

global war on terrorism expeditionary army campaign streamer
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Campaign Streamer

iraq campaign army campaign streamer
Iraq Campaign Streamer

  Inherent Resovle Streamer  

Inherent Resolve Streamer


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